Kaplan Baha Temizgonul MD

  Bariatric Surgeon

Why to Lose Weight?

People which has 20% excessive weight tend to have these following diseases much more often than the general population.

What are the Other Options?

Weight Loss Pack

 Your weight loss journey starts with physical examination and psychological evaluation. Weight loss pack includes bariatric surgery, your dietitian and psychologist follow up for one year.

Which is the Best Option for Me ?

 Weight loss procedures can be categorised in two. Restricitve and malabsorptive procedures.

 Sleeve gastrectomy is the main part of restrictive procedures. It depends on the volume restriction of the stomach. Smaller volume helps less calorie intake.

 Malabsorptive procedures provide shorter route for food which leads less calorie intake. These are gastrointestinal bypass, SADI ( Duodenal Switch) procedures.

 Choices need to be individualized for patients condition.

 We are performing all of these procedures at our clinic, best is discussed with your physcian.


 World Health Organization data reveals that obese patients (>40 BMI) between the age of 25-35 has a risk of death 12 times more than the general population. These risks can be minimized by losing weight.




•Fatty Liver         

•Sleep Apnea                      

•Metabolic Syndrome



 Bariatric surgery should be considered when you cannot lose weight with diet and exercises or your medical condition demands on you to lose weight immediately.

 We are recommending you to lose weight without surgery. 

 You should consider bariatric surgery if you cannot lose weight, your quality of life is comprimised because of your medical condition.

How Much Weight Should I Expect to Lose?

 Weight loss depends on; genetics, choice of bariatric procedure type, eating and lifestyle choices prior to surgery, the rate of metabolism and the amount of food intake after surgery.

 Results are not the best in people who consider bariatric surgery as a magic bullet, not changing the lifestyle and which are  not physically active.